Fraternity 2015 Christmas Cards with Mass Enrollment

Christmas Cards for 2015 Are Available!

The variety of Christmas cards that you can choose from in stores and catalogs can be overwhelming. Many of the cards that you see, even those of a religious theme, are not of a truly religious nature, and thus do not properly honor the birth of Our Lord Jesus Christ.

The Fraternity of Saint Peter chooses to offer a beautiful series of Christmas cards each of which contains a special Christmas gift – an automatic enrollment in a Christmas Novena of Masses at our own Our Lady of Guadalupe Seminary from December 17 to 25. There is no better way to honor Our Lord’s birth, and certainly no better gift to give a friend or loved one, than an enrollment in our Christmas Novena.

How to Receive Your 2015 FSSP Christmas Cards

By phone, call our Development office at:

(570) 842-4000 Ext 300

By mail, please send your request to:

Priestly Fraternity of Saint Peter
Office of Development
119 Griffin Rd.
Elmhurst Twp, PA 18444

You can also request cards online. To make a donation and request Christmas cards, please click the link below and enter the number of sets you would like to receive in the comments section of the donation form:

We encourage you to enroll your loved ones and friends — living and deceased — by returning the enrollment card that you will receive with your card order. While any contribution is welcome, a donation is not required to enroll.

2015 FSSP Christmas Cards

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