eBay Giving Works

You can benefit the Priestly Fraternity of St. Peter (FSSP) by selling and even buying products on eBay. When you sell an item on eBay you can make a tax-deductible donation of all or a percentage of the proceeds of the sale to the FSSP. Once you learn how to sell on eBay it is easy to direct some of the money to the FSSP. Using this feature of eBay you can tithe on all your eBay sales, or you can raise funds for the FSSP by selling items on eBay. Are you a packrat? Make it easier to get rid of all those things you only think you need by selling them on eBay and receive the satisfaction of knowing the money is going to a worthwhile cause.

How it works

If you have not already sold things, go to EBay Getting started selling and follow the directions. For those of you who have already sold on EBay this step should be easy.

While you are filling out the pricing of an item to be sold look for Donate percentage of sale as shown below.

Choose the “Priestly Fraternity of St. Peter, Inc.” as the nonprofit to which you want to donate.

Select a percentage you want to donate to the FSSP. Complete the listing of the item and that’s it!

eBay Giving Works listing is completely tax deductible. eBay collects your donation, delivers it to FSSP and automatically provides you with a tax receipt.

With eBay’s generous fee credit policy, a percentage of your insertion and final value fees equal to the percentage you’re donating will be credited back to your account! Therefore, if you donate 100% of the sale, 100% of the insertion and final values fee will be returned to you, making it free for you sell the items on eBay.

Finally, your listings stand out and bidders are more satisfied with the item. This icon ribbon sets your eBay Giving Works item apart on eBay as an authentic charity item, and the giving bar tells buyers how much you’re giving away: the higher the percentage the more confident bidders will be about a higher price. Plus, your listing shows up in the category you pick, oneBay Giving Works, and on the FSSP’s Donor page: it’s like getting three categories for the price of one! 

How Buyers Participate

You can support the FSSP by buying items which have a percentage of the final price going to the FSSP. While we do not at this time recommend buyers looking on the list for items to buy for themselves — the list is generally very short, you may want to check out the list of item for gift ideas. Not only will the Fraternity benefit, the seller benefit, and you the person giving the gift will benefit, but the person receiving the gift will be pleased that they have participated in the support of a worth while cause.

To support by buying see items listed on FSSP’s Donor page.

Imagine the Possibilities

Are you a packrat? Or are you constantly having to get rid of things? Are you moving and need to leave things behind? Are you going into the religious life and need to sell everything? The decision to get rid of things will be easier if you know that they will be going for a worthwhile cause. Neither will it cost you anything to sell your items because eBay will waive the fees if you donate 100% of the proceeds to the FSSP. Even the labor you expend in selling the product will be worthwhile because you will be helping out the Fraternity. Finally, the donation is tax deductible.

More Information

Currently, we do not have the staff to support those listing and buying items. eBay handles everything and we simply receive the donations. So, it is a very convenient way to give to us rather than giving to us in kind. You can be assured that you will not cause any burden on the FSSP by giving to us in this way.

From time to time we may sell items ourselves on eBay, but we do not suggest that items be sent to us for the purpose of selling on eBay unless a prior agreement has been reached with us.

A small percentage of the donation goes to Mission Fish the nonprofit organization that handles this program for eBay.

For more information of how to donate proceeds of eBay sales to the Fraternity please visit Mission Fish.

eBay Listings

We are thankful to all those who out of good will choose to donate to us. Any seller, however, on eBay can donate money to us, so we can not verify the reputation of sellers listed below who choose to donate to us .