A Light in Amsterdam

Sint-Agneskerk (St. Agnes Church) in Amsterdam

Not long ago, a message appeared in the Missive’s inbox that came from quite a long way away. It was a dispatch from a parishioner at the FSSP’s apostolate in Amsterdam – not one of the many Amsterdams in the USA, but the original, the capital of the Netherlands, a city which, if it’s a traveler-favorite and a center of European culture, also carries a reputation for being decidedly post-Christian. But a few email exchanges later, we received a write-up and pictures of the apostolate from that parishioner, Mr. Hans Eichbaum, and pastor Fr. Martin Knudsen, and what an unexpected joy it was to meet the extraordinary community of Sint-Agneskerk that, like the candle in the Gospel that gives light to all in the house, is shining brightly in the heart of the Netherlands.

by Fr. Martin Knudsen and Mr. Hans Eichbaum, FSSP Amsterdam

The church is located in Oud-Zuid

Since 2006, the Priestly Fraternity of Saint Peter has been represented at Saint Agnes Church in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. At first the Fraternity was a guest at the church, but since 2008, Fr. Martin Kromann Knudsen from the Fraternity has served as the parish priest.

Saint Agnes is located outside the center of Amsterdam, in the district “Oud-Zuid”. It is very close to the Vondelpark, a good walking distance from the center. The church was built between 1919 and 1931, and inside artwork can be found by famous Dutch artists. The church organ was built by J.W. Clavaux in 1932.

Families gather for lunch and fellowship

Nowadays it is one of the few churches in the Netherlands that exclusively celebrates the traditional Latin Mass. Many faithful travel for hours from all across our tiny country to celebrate the High Mass on Sunday. Visitors from other countries or Christians just orienting themselves join us as well. On an average Sunday 100 to 130 people attend the Mass.

Children learn about Jesus Crucified

After the High Mass on Sunday we almost always drink coffee and tea together. Every first Sunday of the month a family afternoon is held, where participants bring homemade soups and sandwiches and have lunch together. Catechism lessons for children and adults are held afterwards.

Pastor Fr. Martin Knudsen, FSSP

Mass is offered every day (except Mondays) at 11am. The confessional opens at 10:30am. The priest team is fluent in Dutch, English, German and Russian.

Amstelveenseweg 163
NL-1075 XA Amsterdam

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December 14, 2018