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Ever wondered why something is the way that it is? Ever spent hours sifting through a large book trying to find the answer? Now is your chance to “ask Father”! In upcoming editions of our Meménto newsletter, we will be featuring a new “Ask Father” section, in which one of our priests will answer a Faith-related question sent to us by you, our avid readers.

Therefore, we hereby issue a call for questions! Send one or send many. Maybe you have a query about the ceremonies of the Easter Vigil, or why Catholics fast on certain days. Maybe you’ve wondered about the meaning of items used in the Mass, or the purpose of a pilgrimage. Tell your friends, family, coworkers and fellow-parishioners! Respectful questions from non-Catholics and non-Christians accepted! Send us your questions and you just may see your answer in the next Meménto!

Fill out the short form below to ask your question, or click the “Ask Father” button in the sidebar of the homepage. Our default attribution will be [First Name, Last Initial], but just let us know if you’d rather stay totally anonymous.

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April 8, 2019