FSSP Seattle Hosts Annual Oktoberfest

Herzliche Willkommen!

On Saturday, October 14, 2017, North American Martyrs hosted its annual Oktoberfest, one of the main social gatherings of the year for the Seattle apostolate. Homemade beer is the order of the day, with participants every year making a home concoction and competing for the best brew. Memorable beers this year included “She’s My Honey”, a honey-ale made by Mrs. Carin Wilson from honey made by her own bees, and “Breakfast of the Gentiles”, a maple-bacon beer made by Mr. and Mrs. John Kennedy that was served with a tiny helping of waffle and bacon. Those two brews took the People’s Choice Award and second prize, respectively, with first prize going to a stellar IPA. The Double-Head Scottish Ale was also part of the action, brewed by none other than North American Martyrs pastor Fr. Joseph Heffernan!

Pie-tasting, the profession of kings

But beer was not the only thing that you really needed to taste at Oktoberfest. Good German victuals were provided, including bratwurst and sauerkraut, and a staggering number of pies adorned a table along one wall, contestants in a pie contest that was a new addition to this year’s ‘fest. Competitors there included a blueberry cheesecake, a plethora of apple creations and a dark cocoa pie (Editor’s Note: we would like to know how to get the job of pie-taster). It must have been quite a task to pick the winner, but the title of top pie was awarded to the Apple Sherry Pie baked by Miss Abby Rookstool.

So many choices. . .

And then there were the cordials. Once upon a time the Oktoberfest was not held where it was held this year, in the parish hall of St. Alphonsus, the church where FSSP Seattle holds most of its Masses. Formerly Oktoberfest took place in the parish hall of St. Pius X Catholic Church in Mountlake Terrace, and a particular parishioner of St. Pius has a skilled and experienced hand at making homemade cordials. He brought these vodka-based treats to the FSSP festival held at his parish, and did the same this year even though the event was further south at St. Alphonsus, which is situated in Ballard, a neighborhood in the northern half of Seattle – that is, the half of Seattle north of where the Seattle Sound cuts the Emerald City in two. Twenty something years of experience go into the making of these cordials, and you could certainly tell if you decided to sample one of the many flavors on display on Saturday. You could try the Pumpkin Cordial (Editor’s Note: That one was good.), or maybe the Pear and Red Apple Cordials made from fresh fruit from the brewer’s trees.

Applauding the winners

But wait, there’s more! This Oktoberfest saw one more new competition in addition to the pies. The root beer contest was a hit, and was a brewing contest in which the youth could participate. The winner was the young Mr. Iain Wilson, whose Hootbeer, complete with an owl logo, took first prize. It was his mom who made the People’s Choice Award beer – brewing skills must run in the family!

What’s Oktoberfest without live polka music?

The atmosphere of the day was one of joy and festivity, and a fantastic live polka band provided authentic music to complement the occasion. This is certainly an event that the whole parish looks forward to every year. This Oktoberfest must have been especially marked and circled on everyone’s calendars, as last year’s was cancelled due to weather. If you ever feel inclined to visit our apostolate in the great Pacific Northwest, might we suggest a trip in Oktober?

October 27, 2017