Good News from Wigratzbad!

Thank you all for your prayers on behalf of the priests and seminarians at our Wigratzbad seminary, which was hit hard with the coronavirus at the beginning of March. We are happy to report that, though the quarantine remains in effect, everyone is out of the hospital and only a few are still seriously ill. Work and classes are resuming and seminary life is gradually returning to normal.

In announcing the mostly-good health of the residents, the seminary wrote on its website:

We thank the Lord for having saved us from the most serious consequences of the disease, and we obviously remain sensitive to the distress which now affects the whole world. With you, we pray for the sick, and especially the dying, as well as for the nursing staff and all those who dedicate themselves generously in these difficult times.

With the seminary we give thanks to God for these developments. Please keep in your prayers those who are still sick, all who are suffering from this virus and those working to care for them. +

April 3, 2020