Father’s Day Mass

Each year we honor St. Joseph with a special Mass at Our Lady of Guadalupe Seminary on Father’s Day. Those whom you enroll will be included in this Mass and prayed for by the priests and seminarians of the Fraternity in their daily prayer. The card for the Father’s Day Mass can be downloaded here.

2018 Father’s Day Card

The following is the letter for Father’s Day 2018, by Fr. Gerard Saguto, FSSP:

Dear Friends of the Fraternity,

In becoming Man, our Lord came to reconcile fallen humanity with God and establish the Church. But while we rightfully must worship and revere God as our Almighty Creator and Judge, these titles also tend to inspire fear and awe. So our Lord also came to reveal God’s desire to be known as Father, because this title – above all others – inspires sentiments of goodness, mercy, and love. A faithful and devoted father of a family, then, should be a dim – but no less real – reflection of these qualities of our Father in heaven, a calling truly from the Heart of God!

On this June 17, Fathers’ Day will give us all an occasion to honor our fathers and to honor this noble and elevated vocation. We draw particular attention to St. Joseph on this day, who was chosen to be the model of fatherhood and fidelity throughout our Lord’s youth, to be the representative of God the Father in the Holy Family, and who was deemed worthy to be called “father” by Him Whose Father is in Heaven.

A special Mass in honor of St. Joseph will be offered on Fathers’ Day at Our Lady of Guadalupe Seminary. We invite you to enroll those fathers in your life, living and dead, for remembrance at this Mass by simply filling out and returning the enclosed intention form. No donation is required, but any contribution aids in the formation of our seminarians, who will be spiritual fathers to many.

Please share the holy card of St. Joseph with a father you know as a token of his remembrance at the altar, and be sure to unite your prayers with ours on this day. Thank you for your generous support for the Priestly Fraternity of St. Peter and know that you are in our prayers. Joseph, watchful defender of Christ, pray for us.