Father’s Day Mass

Each year we honor St. Joseph with a special Mass at Our Lady of Guadalupe Seminary on Father’s Day.  Those whom you enroll will be included this Mass and prayed for by the priests and seminarians of the Fraternity in their daily prayer.  The card for the Father’s Day Mass can be downloaded here.

2017 Father’s Day Card

The following is the letter for Father’s Day 2017, by Fr. Gerard Saguto, FSSP:

Dear Friends of the Fraternity,

When God created Adam, He bestowed upon him a relationship with Eve – that of husband – and as a result, that of father. Whereas husband denotes the head of a house and the duty of managing it prudently, father, most especially the Christian father, requires the care and formation of souls given by God through marriage. The stakes are certainly raised, as the father of the family becomes the representative of God’s fatherhood! A father’s care extends to inspiring the family to prayer and practice of the Faith by his personal example and sacrifice. God wills all of this and so gives much grace for the task at hand.

Father’s Day, which is on Sunday, June 18th, provides an opportunity to honor our fathers and to reflect upon this noble and elevated vocation. On this day we draw particular attention to St. Joseph, that faithful guardian of the Holy Family, whose constancy and perseverance serve as an inspiration for all fathers to manfully bear their crosses and keep Christ in the center of their families.

A special Mass in honor of St. Joseph will be offered on Father’s Day at Our Lady of Guadalupe Seminary. We invite you to enroll those fathers in your life, living and dead, for remembrance at this Mass by simply filling out and returning the enclosed intention form. No donation is required, but any contribution aids in the formation of our seminarians, who will be spiritual fathers to many.

Please share the holy card of St. Joseph with a father you know as a token of his remembrance at the altar, and be sure to unite your prayers with ours on this day. Thank you for your generous support for the Priestly Fraternity of St. Peter and know that you are in our prayers. Joseph, familiarum columen, ora pro nobis.