Mother’s Day Mass

Each year we celebrate the Motherhood of the Blessed Virgin Mary with a Solemn High Mass at Our Lady of Guadalupe Seminary on Mother’s Day.  Those whom you enroll will be included this Mass and prayed for by the priests and seminarians of the Fraternity in their daily prayer.  The card for the Mother’s Day Mass can be downloaded here.

2018 Mother’s Day Card


The following is the letter for Mother’s Day 2018, by Fr. Gerard Saguto, FSSP:

Dear Friends of the Fraternity,

Looking at a picture of St. Padre Pio, we are quickly drawn towards thoughts of the sufferings he bore at our Lord’s request for the salvation of souls. But those stigmatized hands of the saint can perhaps lead us to consider that the hands of any good mother also bear those same marks of Christ, although in a different way. The chapped and worn hands of a mother who day in and day out devotes herself to her children are no less worthy marks of sacrifice for the salvation of the souls entrusted to her by our Lord. And although the time comes when we are no longer fed and clothed by our mothers’ hands, we must remember that we never stop receiving the benefits that come from those same hands that have been so often clasped in prayer for the welfare of her children.

While we acknowledge the power of a mother’s prayer for her children, we have a wonderful opportunity to return the favor. A Solemn High Mass will be offered at Our Lady of Guadalupe Seminary on Mothers’ Day, May 13th, in honor of the Blessed Mother. As there is no greater gift to someone than the gift of the Sacrifice of the Mass, please consider enrolling your mothers – both living and deceased – in this Mass. You may also wish to include any other mothers who are special to you. Please enroll promptly to ensure that there is time for your intentions to reach the seminary by Mothers’ Day.

We always much appreciate any donation that you are able to provide in assistance in the formation of our priests, those sons who hold a particular soft spot in our Lady’s maternal Heart. May God bring many blessings upon you for your generosity!