Mother’s Day Mass

Each year we celebrate the Motherhood of the Blessed Virgin Mary with a Solemn High Mass at Our Lady of Guadalupe Seminary on Mother’s Day.  Those whom you enroll will be included this Mass and prayed for by the priests and seminarians of the Fraternity in their daily prayer.  The card for the Mother’s Day Mass can be downloaded here.

2017 Mother’s Day Card

The following is the letter for Mother’s Day 2017, by Fr. Gerard Saguto, FSSP:

Greetings in Mary our Mother,

There is a charming account of how Pope Benedict XI once received his mother, who was a poor peasant woman, in the Vatican. You can imagine this woman in her simple garb juxtaposed with the splendor of her surroundings. Yet, far from being embarrassed by her, the Pope remarked to those around him: “This is the woman who raised me to know and love God.”

From our earliest moments, our mothers exemplify for us the unconditional love of God, especially as it was manifested by the heroic sacrifice of our Savior. A mother’s complete dedication to giving, by which we are both nourished and nurtured, fosters in us a generosity that produces priestly and religious vocations and inspires holy marriages. The best way that we can show our appreciation is to live a devout life and pray for our mother regularly.

A Solemn High Mass will be offered at Our Lady of Guadalupe Seminary on Mother’s Day, May 14, in honor of the Blessed Mother. As there is no greater gift to someone than the gift of a Mass, please consider enrolling your mothers – both living and deceased – in this Mass. A form is included in this letter for this purpose. You may also wish to include any other mothers who are special to you. Please return the form promptly to ensure that there is time for your intentions to reach the seminary by Mother’s Day.

We always much appreciate any donation that you are able to provide in assistance in the formation of our priests, those sons who hold a particular soft spot in Our Lady’s maternal Heart. May God bring many blessings upon you for your generosity!