Path to the Priesthood: Fr. Graham Latimer

Fr. Graham Latimer, FSSP

Fr. Graham Latimer was born in Royal Oak, Michigan. A convert to the Faith from Judaism, he still remembers the first time he went to Mass with his father at age seven: the early morning, the smell of candles, marble, and a hint of incense, matching the readings in his children’s Bible, breakfast, and praying the Rosary for unborn babies. He valued the time he spent with his father, but God had bigger plans. His older sister also started tagging along, and two years later, the time arrived for an important decision. Fr. Latimer received his Baptism and First Communion alongside his sisters on June 24th, 1995.

Fr. Latimer during his ordination

Fr. Latimer started serving Mass not long after, and credits this as the beginning of his vocational journey. He also spent several formative years living in Tennessee. He moved to Oklahoma in 2003, and after discovering the Latin Mass, there was no turning back. He is grateful for the support of all the priests who guided, encouraged, and helped him along the way. He distinctly remembers the words of wisdom of two priests: “you can run, but you can’t hide,” and “you’ll never know unless you go.” After completing his bachelor’s degree in history at the University of Central Oklahoma in Edmond, OK in December of 2010, he began his application to Our Lady of Guadalupe Seminary and entered in the fall of the following year. During his seminary career he traveled to Idaho, Florida, Mexico, Europe, and Canada. He regards his experiences as indispensable to his formation.

Fr. Latimer also owes a debt of gratitude to his family, friends, and benefactors who have greatly helped him along the way. He is also thankful for the example of his parents, Martin and Ellen Latimer, whose own journey and support have proven a constant inspiration. Most of all, he is astounded by God’s Providence, because without His aid nothing is possible, and with it He accomplishes greater things than anyone may imagine.

July 21, 2018