Skiing for Gold

Fr. Daniel Nolan, FSSP, is skiing for a different kind of gold – the kind of gold needed in order to make a new parish church a reality. Fr. Nolan is currently assistant pastor at Our Lady of Mount Carmel, our apostolate in Denver, but he was previously assigned to St. Joan of Arc, our apostolate in Coeur d’Alene, Idaho. To raise funds for St. Joan of Arc’s building project, he invented a possible new Olympic sport: skiing and bagpiping…at the same time. (Editor’s Note: Potential names include Ski Piping, Alpine Piping, Alpiping and, when done on a snowboard, the Fullpipe).

If you would like to contribute to this worthwhile endeavor, or you are simply impressed with Father’s ability to play the bagpipes while skiing, click here to donate to St. Joan of Arc’s fundraising project!

February 15, 2018