Solemn High Mass with Cardinal Lacroix in Quebec

Recently His Eminence Gérald-Cyprien Cardinal Lacroix made a pastoral visit to our FSSP apostolate in Quebec — Saint Zephirin of Stadacona. A Solemn High Mass was offered in the Cardinal’s presence, at which the Cardinal preached. Afterward, Cardinal Lacroix administered Benediction, and the events concluded with a lovely dinner with parishioners. The Solemn Mass celebrant Fr. Pierre-Henri Gouy, FSSP, chaplain of Saint-Zephirin, Fr. Eric Deprey, FSSP, the pastor of St. Clement in Ottawa, was deacon, and Fr. Garrick Huang, FSSP, chaplain of our apostolate in Montreal, was subdeacon.


The FSSP had been established in Ottawa for several years when, in 2006, Marc Cardinal Ouellet, the former Cardinal Archbishop of Quebec, requested the Fraternity to establish a church in his See. Many prayers were offered that this would be a successful endeavor.


The Quebec apostolate was entrusted to the FSSP at the exact place where New France was founded — the Church of Saint Francis of Assisi, in the parish of Our Lady of Rocamadour. Rocamadour is the most famous of parishes in Quebec, and came into being according to the promise made by Jacques Cartier, the French discoverer of Canada. When he and the crew of his ships were stranded in river ice and became ravaged by scurvy in the winter of 1536, Cartier promised to make a pilgrimage to Our Lady of Rocamadour if they might survive and return to France. By Our Lady’s intercession, local Indians disclosed the benefits of white cedar tea, which healed the crew and allowed them to proceed back to France. Remaining faithful to his promise, Cartier made his pilgrimage and the largest parish of Quebec came to be named Rocamadour.


In 2010, the FSSP was given charge of the church of Saint Zephirin of Stadacona, which is a few hundred meters away from the location where the miraculous cure of the crew of the Emerillon took place, and near the Marian sanctuary erected in 1919. The word Stadacona comes from the name of the tribe, whose leader brought the wholesome beverage of white cedar tea to the 110 crew members.

It is here at Saint Zepherin that the FSSP continues its mission today, and is a precious apostolate to the hundreds of believers that attend the Mass of Ages and receive the benefits of the traditional Roman Sacraments.

Besides administering the Sacraments, it is through the permanent presence of a Fraternity priest that the FSSP ensures the celebration of a daily Traditional Latin Mass in the heart of the Archdiocese. The Archdiocese recently celebrated the 350th Anniversary of its cathedral with the ceremonial opening of the first Holy Door of North America. They will also soon rejoice in the canonization of Blessed François de Montmorency-Laval, founder of the diocese.


2014 is a year of special grace for the community because of the pastoral visit of the Archbishop, Gérald-Cyprien Cardinal Lacroix, who wanted to honor the parish with his visit on the First Sunday of Lent. It is the first time the parish has been visited by the Archbishop since it was established in Quebec City. The occasion allowed the faithful to gather around the Archbishop at a parochial buffet attended by more than 150 parishioners, about 50 of whom were children. Cardinal Lacroix promised, before blessing us with Benediction, to return and celebrate the Sacrament of confirmation on May 31 of 2014.

Let us notice the double blessing of Providence: The Fraternity of Saint-Peter is in the exact place where Christendom was first established in North America, and in this place, the same holy rite, known by Jacques Cartier, a contemporary of Saint Pius V, continues to be said each day! Enjoy pictures of the day. The wonderful photographs are provided by Mlle. Jacinthe Soulard.

April 7, 2014