St. Michael’s Scranton Welcomes Fathers Komorowski and Lawrence

This past Sunday, July 4th, St. Michael’s parish in Scranton, Pennsylvania enjoyed a rare liturgical treat.

Pastor Simon Harkins welcomed the Fraternity’s Superior General, the Very Rev. Fr. Andrzej Komorowski, and new North American Provincial Fr. William Lawrence for a special Solemn High Mass. Fathers Komorowski and Lawrence are both in town for the Provincial Chapter meetings to organize the governance of the new North American Province.

The Mass was of the FSSP Patronal feast of Ss Peter and Paul,  transferred to Sunday because St. Peter also happens to be the patron of the Scranton diocese. To have the FSSP leadership on hand for this double-patronal feast was an immense blessing.

Fr. Komorowski offered solemn High Mass, with Fr. Harkins as deacon. Fr. Lawrence served as subdeacon, in his first public liturgical event as Provincial.

After welcoming the Fraternity leadership to St. Michael’s, Fr. Harkins gave a homily relating the feast of St. Peter to the July 4th holiday, and giving us a well-needed reminder that true independence comes not from the state but from God.


St. Michael’s Choir sang at its last High Mass of the season before a much-deserved summer break.

After Mass, the faithful gathered in the basement for coffee and doughnuts as well as delightful conversations with all three priests.

Many thanks to Fr. Komorowski and Fr. Lawrence for coming to visit St. Michael’s, and to Fr. Harkins for setting up this wonderful Mass.

July 6, 2021