The Priestly Fraternity
of Saint Peter

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Using the ancient liturgy as our well-spring, we form our priests in the traditions of the Church to serve at the altar and in the parish so that the fullness of Christ might enter the emptiness of the world.

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We are active in 37 dioceses in the United States and 7 in Canada. We have over 93 priests working in 48 apostolates. Find out where we are.

“It came forth out of the grand mind of the Church, and lifted us out
 of earth and out of self, and wrapped us round in a cloud of mystical sweetness and the sublimities of a more than angelic liturgy, and purified us almost without ourselves, and charmed us with the celestial charming, so that our very senses seemed to find vision, hearing, fragrance, taste, and touch beyond what earth can give.”



With the first Sunday of Advent, the Church begins a new liturgical year, a new journey of faith that, on the one hand, commemorates the incarnation of Jesus Christ and, on the other, opens His life to ultimate fulfillment. It is precisely in this double perspective that we live the season of Advent, looking both to the first coming of the Son of God, when He was born of the Virgin Mary, and to His glorious return, when He will come “to judge the living and the dead”.


During Advent, across an expectant world, the light in the darkness shines brightest during the Rorate Mass celebrated in every Fraternity of St. Peter apostolate.


See, O Lord, the affliction of thy people, and send him whom thou hast promised to send. Send forth the Lamb, the ruler of the earth, from the rock of the desert to the mount of the daughter of Sion, that he himself may take off the yoke of our captivity.