The Priestly Fraternity
of Saint Peter

Using the ancient liturgy as our well-spring, we form our priests in the traditions of the Church to serve at the altar and in the parish so that the fullness of Christ might enter the emptiness of the world.

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We are active in 39 dioceses in the United States and 7 in Canada. We have 96 priests working in 54 apostolates. Find out where we are.

“It came forth out of the grand mind of the Church, and lifted us out
 of earth and out of self, and wrapped us round in a cloud of mystical sweetness and the sublimities of a more than angelic liturgy, and purified us almost without ourselves, and charmed us with the celestial charming, so that our very senses seemed to find vision, hearing, fragrance, taste, and touch beyond what earth can give.”



Dear friends of our Fraternity, this is also your mission: to bring the Gospel traditions to everyone so that all may experience the joy of Christ and so that joy may be in every city. What can be more beautiful than this? What can be greater, more exciting, than cooperating in spreading the Word of Life in the world, than communicating the living water of the Holy Spirit through the traditions of the Apostles themselves?


During the ordination the new priest, after he is consecrated, has his hands bound with a maniturgium, a simple linen cloth. This cloth is later presented to the new priest’s mother as a sign of the sacrifices she has made to bring a priest into the world.


Pour into them, we beseech Thee, the Spirit, Whom Thou didst give to Thy apostles, Who would make them, in all things, like unto Thee.