Adjutorium Program (Masses for Living and Deceased Members)

The Holy Sacrifice of the Mass is offered twice monthly at Our Lady of Guadalupe Seminary for those individuals listed in our Adjutorium Program – once for the living members, and once for the deceased members.

Individuals or entire families can be enrolled in this Mass program. The Contributions received are used to ensure the continuation of Our Lady of Guadalupe Seminary. These Adjutorium Masses will continue as long as the seminary exists. The names of all members are inscribed in a memorial book.

Use this form to enroll in the Adjutorium Program. Please enter only one individual or family name per enrollment. For families, list only the family name without listing individual members (e.g., “The Livingstons”).

The following is an example of how the enrollment should look, and the suggested donations per enrollment:

* For individuals who are living: “John Doe, Individual, Living” ($100)

* For individuals who are deceased:John Doe, Individual, Deceased” ($100)

* For all living members of a family:The Smiths, Family, Living” ($250)

* For all deceased members of a family:The Smiths, Family, Deceased” ($250)

Please note that living and deceased members of a family cannot be enrolled together, as the Masses for living and deceased enrollees are said separately.