The Priest and the Mass

March 30, 2010

Fr. Eric Flood, FSSP North American District Superior reflects on the priest and the Mass.

The Holy Cross

Once St. Helena found the Cross, public adoration of it began to grow, most especially on the day remembering the death of Christ—Good Friday.

Dennis McInerny Series – Diversity

March 15, 2010

There are many in our society today, especially those who swing a lot of weight in the media and in the field of education, who are much preoccupied with what they call diversity.

Recent Diaconal Ordinations

March 12, 2010

On March 6, 2010, six seminarians were ordained to the diaconate in the new seminary chapel.

Seminary Chapel Photo Gallery

March 3, 2010

Photo gallery of our completed chapel at Our Lady of Guadalupe Seminary.

Dennis McInerny Series – What is a person? (Part 1)

March 1, 2010

What is a person? A person is not a gift of the state. It is not within the power of the state, or of any other human institution, to confer personhood…

March Reflection

During Lent while we remember the sufferings and trials of Our Lord, our joy must radiate amidst our fasting.