Dona Eis Requiem

Our Lady of Guadalupe Seminary has two pressing needs. Our current mattresses are well past their lifetimes, and we need to replace them to ensure that our seminarians get a good night’s sleep. We all know how hard it is to function and do one’s duties without good quality sleep, and mattress quality can severely affect this. Help us purchase new mattresses for our seminarians! In all, the seminary needs to replace 112 mattresses. The estimated cost for good lasting options is about $400 each, for an estimated total of $44,800 to give the gift of rest to our hard-working seminarians.

We also have a great need for vehicles. The seminary tries to maintain enough working vehicles to ensure transportation for the seminarians for general needs, for seminary-wide outings, and for transportation for some of the many summer assignments of the seminarians, such as summer camps. Recently we have had some of our mini-vans break down completely, beyond reasonable cost to reliably repair.

Would you consider making a gift to directly help the Seminary with these needs?