Christmas Card Novena

Each year we bring to the faithful a beautiful set of cards that provide you the opportunity to share the joy and hope of Christmas, as well as let the recipients know that they are enrolled in our novena of Masses from December 17th – 25th at Our Lady of Guadalupe Seminary.

Each set of 12 cards includes 3 cards of each of the 4 card designs along with 14 blank envelopes. Included with the cards is an enrollee form and return envelope. Just click the button below and go to our secure donation page. Once there, enter your information and how many sets of cards you would like to receive.

Your generous contribution will assist in the formation of our seminarians!

We desire to enroll you and your loved ones in this novena and to
share the immense grace that it makes available!

Unfortunately North American headquarters cannot mail Christmas cards outside the domestic U.S.
Canadian supporters, please contact Brad Hamilton in Ottawa to order Christmas Cards:
PO Box 7248, Station V
Ottawa, ON K1L 8E3
tel (613) 567-0287 – fax (613) 288-1341 •

2017 Fraternity Christmas Cards

The following is the letter from Fr. Saguto for the 2017 Christmas Card Novena.

Dear Friends of the Fraternity,

The Gospel recounts Our Lord describing His kingdom as a treasure hidden in a field, a pearl of great price, a lost drachma. Such images help us to realize that the Kingdom of God is something that requires some measure of searching, together with an eye for what we seek. As we all wander through our earthly exile searching for truth and happiness, Christ attempts to provide direction to our efforts, beginning with His birth.

As the shepherds watched their flocks that night long ago, they beheld an angel announce tidings of great joy: a Savior is born! The shepherds were then directed to find an Infant wrapped in swaddling clothes, but lying in a manger of all places. How strange; yet they were ready and disposed to take direction and search – and would find our Infant King just as the angel said. Their faith was confirmed in their search … and the same awaits us.
As we wait and watch for Christmas, a Novena of Masses will be offered by the priests at Our Lady of Guadalupe Seminary from December 17-25. These nine Masses will be offered for our many benefactors, their families, and their friends.

We warmly invite you to enroll your loved ones, living and deceased, by sending us the enclosed form. We hope the beautiful cards will provide you the opportunity to share the joy and hope of Christmas and let the recipients know of their remembrance in these Masses. An order form is enclosed for additional sets of cards. No contribution is required, but any donation assists in the formation of our seminarians.

As Christmas approaches, please do keep all the priests and seminarians of the Fraternity in your prayers. I pray that the peace and joy of this holy season come upon you and those you hold dear, while we also remember those who may be alone or have none to pray for them.

Sincerely in the Holy Infant,

Fr. Gerard Saguto, FSSP
North American District Superior