Easter Day Mass

Each year, Our Lord’s Resurrection is celebrated at Our Lady of Guadalupe Seminary with a Solemn High Mass on Easter morning. Those whom you enroll will be remembered in this Mass. You can download the card for the Easter Day Mass below.

2018 Easter Day Mass Holy Card

The following is the letter for 2018, by Fr. Gerard Saguto, FSSP:

Dear Friends of the Fraternity,

Most of us tend to enjoy opportunities to observe well-matched competitions, especially at the elite level. And while we watch, the thing we are ultimately on the lookout for is the “game changer,” that pivotal moment when the favor definitively tips towards one side or the other.

When it comes to the salvation of man, God operates in a way that does not make His victory obvious. His “game changer” was the promise of a Redeemer, after man sinned. But this Redeemer would be a reflection of the Eternal Wisdom, coming to us in the manner we needed, not in the manner we wanted. Robed in the mantle of infancy, Christ subjected Himself to our miseries and human condition. And as Christ continued to “lose” in this manner throughout His earthly life, He declared His victory in the appearance of total defeat on the Cross, a victory evident only to those who, by correct faith, believe in the reality of His glorious Resurrection, a reality that demonstrates that God was never at the risk of losing.

Our Lord’s Resurrection will indeed be celebrated on Easter morning with a Solemn High Mass at Our Lady of Guadalupe Seminary. As always, we desire to remember the intentions of our many benefactors who make our work possible.

As Easter is only a few weeks away, please fill out and return the enclosed intention card soon! We are very grateful for any contribution you might be able to include, as your generosity funds the seminary and allows our seminarians to pursue their vocations.

A prayer card is included which we hope will be of benefit to you. Please continue to remember our priests and seminarians in your prayers, and be assured of our prayers on your behalf. May the joys of Christ’s Resurrection fill you and all your loved ones this Easter season! And if Christ be not risen again, then is our preaching vain, and your faith is also vain. (1 Cor 15:14)