Easter Day Mass

Each year Our Lord’s Resurrection, which establishes the promised kingdom, is celebrated on Easter morning with a Solemn High Mass at Our Lady of Guadalupe Seminary. Join your intentions with this Mass by enrolling in the Easter Day Mass. The card for the Easter Day Mass includes a prayer which can be prayed for the nine days preceding Easter, and can be downloaded here.

Easter 2017 Holy Card

The following is the letter for 2017, by Fr. Gerard Saguto, FSSP:

We all know the account of the widow’s mite, where a woman’s donation of two copper coins to the Temple was of greater value than the large donations of the rich Pharisees. Our Lord tells us why: her gift was from her very sustenance, while the Pharisees’ was from their superfluity, and for this she earns His praise.

How often is it the case that we begin Lent with high hopes? We are ready to make sacrifices of our sustenance, only to look back later and see how much we compromised on our Lenten resolutions, perhaps even right from the start. It is true, as Christ acknowledged in Gethsemani, that the spirit indeed is willing, but the flesh is weak. Still, could we have made better effort? Of course we could have, but where did we look for motivation? When we perhaps felt the sting of a penance, did we humbly approach the Man on the Cross and inform Him of that reality, as embarrassing as it may have been?

Nonetheless, even our failures can throw much light on things. Christ is clear that without Him we can do absolutely nothing of supernatural merit. We put too much trust in ourselves instead of trusting Him to be both concerned and involved; willing to walk with us and provide us the grace to contribute our valuable mite in exchange of a pearl of great price. The Cross is Christ’s commitment to walk with us at every step, complete with the promise of the joy of the Resurrection upon the journey’s end; a walk we can begin time and time again if we desire to trust in Him.

Our Lord’s Resurrection will indeed be celebrated on Easter morning with a Solemn High Mass at Our Lady of Guadalupe Seminary. As always, we wish to remember the intentions of our many benefactors who make our work possible.

As Easter is only a few weeks away, please fill out and return the enclosed intention card soon! We are very grateful for any contribution you might be able to include, as your generosity helps to fund the seminary and allows our seminarians to pursue their vocations.

A prayer card is included which we hope will be of benefit to you. Please continue to remember our priests and seminarians in your prayers, and be assured of our prayers on your behalf.

May the joys of Christ’s Resurrection fill you and all your loved ones this Easter season!