Fr. Stinson’s Letter for Easter Day Mass 2021

Dear Friends of the Fraternity,

In recent months we’ve all felt an increase in the power of darkness. This, of course, doesn’t mean we should live in fear. We Catholics know that the darkness brought about by hatred, sin, and apostasy can never fully obscure the light of Christ, Who has already won victory through His Passion, Death, and Resurrection.

But if Our Lord is all-powerful, then why doesn’t He simply thwart those who are now attacking His Church and her faithful? It’s for the same reason He didn’t simply spend His entire earthly life preaching in the safety of the temple, where He knew the authorities wouldn’t dare try to seize Him while He spoke to the crowds. Instead, He let Himself become vulnerable to His plotting, scheming enemies—and thus, He allowed the power of darkness to have its hour.

Our Lord could have redeemed us by shedding a single drop of His Precious Blood. He instead showed His boundless love by suffering and dying for our sins in the most gruesome manner imaginable. Today, He is allowing His holy Church to be persecuted, giving the members of His Mystical Body the chance to suffer as He did. The more faithfully we endure the current trials, the greater our reward will be in heaven!

We’ll have a foretaste of heaven on Easter morning. As always, we’ll celebrate Easter Sunday with the solemnity of Holy Mass—and we would like to include your intentions with our own. We encourage you to use the online form below to enroll your loved ones.

Please consider including a gift with your intentions! As you know, it is costly to run our seminary, but we think you’ll agree that it’s worth it to form holy, hardworking priests. Even if you are unable to give at this time, we’ll be happy to remember your intentions at Mass on Easter.

We hope the enclosed Easter Mass card will be useful to you this Eastertide. Send it to your loved one, so they know they are enrolled in the Easter Mass.

Please remember to pray for our priests and seminarians, who pray daily for you and your family in thanksgiving for your spiritual and financial support. May the joys of Christ’s Resurrection fill you and all your loved ones this Easter season!

Sincerely in our Resurrected Lord,

Fr. Michael Stinson, FSSP
North American Superior

PS. If you would like additional Easter Mass cards, please indicate the quantity on the online form.