Sancta Nox – A New Album

Requiem - The Fraternity New AlbumThank you for your interest in our new work. For this recording, we have chosen the ancient Gregorian chant repertoire for the Mass and Burial of the Dead, commonly known as the Requiem. The reality of death is so vivid to human experience, and the Requiem reflects that reality. While eliciting sentiments of sadness that naturally come with mourning, it all the more inspires hope. The calmness of the chant reveals a spirit of rest or repose, which is what the very word requiem means. It is often said that music is meant to ‘clothe the texts.’ To that “order now” end, we invite you to follow along with the text in the CD booklet as you listen.

We are grateful for this is opportunity to share what we do as priests of the Priestly Fraternity of St. Peter, and we hope its beauty does well to express the deepest longings of the human heart in search of God.

Sample Tracks:
Antiphon: In Paradisum

Requiem Aeternum

Responsory: Qui Lazarum

Track Listing:
1. Antiphon: Exsultábunt Dómino; Psalm 50
2. Tolling of the Bell
3. Responsory” Subveníte Sancti Dei
4. Introit: Réquiem ætérnam
5. Kýrie eléison
6. Gradual: Réquiem ætérnam
7. Tract: Absólve Dómine
8. Sequence: Dies Iræ
9. Offertory: Dómine, Jesu Christe
10. Sanctus
11. Agnus Dei
12. Communion: antiphon Lux ætérna
13. Responsory: Líbera me
14. Antiphon: In paradísum
15. Antiphon: Ego sum; Canticle of Zachary
16. Responsory: Qui Lázarum
17. Responsory: Dómine quando véneris
18. Responsory: Peccántem me
19. Pie Jesu Dómine
20. Réquiem ætérnam

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