Ss. Peter and Paul Appeal 2022

Over the last year, what seemed like a comfortably certain future for our order shifted into a real time of uncertainty filled with unknowns. At a time when the pressure was immense, we threw ourselves into the protective arms of Our Lady and Mother. And in reply, on the very feast of Our Lady of Lourdes, at the conclusion of the consecration, Pope Francis confirmed our constitutions and our use of the traditional liturgical books.

Like our great Apostolic Patron, called by Christ to be “fishers of men”, we priests of the FSSP have been called to sail out into the deep and bring souls to Christ. Now as more new people continue to arrive at the doorsteps of our apostolates,  we are seeing busier schedules, extra Masses, fuller sanctuaries, and longer lines for Confession. This increase is great news, but it also means that our fishers of men need more boats, more hired hands, and sturdier nets to bring in the harvest.

Join us on the feast of Ss. Peter and Paul, as we raise funds to support our mission. Our YouTube channel will be featuring a special video that will launch on our patron saints’ feast day. We will be posting on our social media accounts (Facebook, Gab, and MeWe) with updates on our appeal.

Gifts of $175 and above will automatically enter you to win our popular FSSP beer glasses, and one set will be raffled off for every $25,000 contributed.

In addition, we will be sending a FSSP-branded Yeti travel mug to every donor who gives a gift of $1,575 or more.

Your contribution toward our goal of $150,000 will help us to live out our patron’s great mission: to sail out into the deep and to spread the Gospel and the Sacraments of Jesus Christ far and wide.

To maximize your FSSP donation, we recommend giving via Direct Debit (ACH), as donations made via Credit Card will reduce your gift amount to the Fraternity by almost 3%.