Fr. Stinson’s Letter for Christmas Card Novena 2019

Orietur stella ex Jacob,
et consurget virga de Israël.
Numbers 24:17

Dear Friends of the Fraternity,

Ever faithful to His promises, our good God did indeed send a star from the house of Jacob. The light of this star was so bright that it guided the path of wise men from the east, who came searching for the King of the Jews so that they might adore Him (Mt 2:2).

These wise men didn’t simply allow themselves to be guided by Our Lord’s star. They also subjected themselves to be ruled by His scepter. King Herod had the opposite reaction, seeing Christ’s Kingship as a threat to his own power, which he had obtained by violence. Even the people of Jerusalem, who had so eagerly anticipated the birth of this King, were troubled along with Herod (Mt 2:3). Why? Because these long-suffering Jews actually preferred to remain subject to the Romans rather than endure the upheaval that Christ’s birth would undoubtedly cause.

Little has changed in 2,000 years. Some today hate Our Lord—and recoil at the mere mention of His Holy Name—because He is a threat to their ill-gotten worldly power. Others want to love Him but fear the consequences of doing so: changes in their way of life, the risk of looking foolish, the loss of social standing. Lord, give us the hearts of the wise men so that we may love You without reserve—this Christmas and always!

As we watch the skies for that brilliant star, a Novena of Masses will be celebrated by the priests at Our Lady of Guadalupe Seminary from December 17-25. These nine Masses will be offered for benefactors like you, your family, and your friends.

Please enroll your loved ones, living and deceased, by filling out the online form here, including your intentions and the number of Christmas card sets you would like in the spaces provided. And please use these beautiful Christmas cards to not only let your loved ones know they will be remembered in the Masses, but also enkindle in them a greater love for our infant King. You need not send a donation—but please remember that any gift helps us to form more seminarians.

As Christmas approaches, please keep all the priests and seminarians of the FSSP in your prayers. Please pray also for everyone who will be alone this Christmas. My prayer is that you and your loved ones will follow Our Lord’s star to a blessed and joyful Christmas season.

Sincerely in Christ,

Fr. Michael Stinson, FSSP
North American Superior