2016 Schedule of Fraternity Boys Camps

The seminarians of Our Lady of Guadalupe Seminary host two summer camps each year, and the 2016 dates are now set. Each camp has it’s own particular character, but their essential element remains the same – to strengthen the faith of those attending. This is accomplished by providing the boys with spiritual instruction, giving them a good example of Catholic manhood, and most importantly, by providing them the daily opportunity to participate in the Sacraments. Every day, the boys will attend the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass, recite a group rosary, complete 15 – 20 minute meditations, and begin and end the day with prayer. Confession will also be available almost every day.

Another focus for the camps is fostering the development of discipline and respect. These virtues are generally neglected and often ridiculed in today’s society, but they are foundational for every Catholic male, who should be prepared to assume a leadership role in both his faith and his family. Applicants to these camps can expect to both learn and exercise these virtues by following all appropriate directions promptly and willingly, and demonstrating proper respect to the staff members.

Camp St. Isaac Jogues is held at District Headquarters in Elmhurst Township, Pennsylvania. The camp will run from July 12-22, 2016.

Fraternity Summer Camp 2012: Mass with the FSSP

Centered  on the Mass, Camp St. Isaac Jogues challenges boys to practice fortitude and prudence by daily catechism, sports, and hiking. It is staffed by seminarians of Our Lady of Guadalupe Seminary and a priest of the Priestly Fraternity of St. Peter. Boys 13 to 15 years old may apply.

For more details and the application, visit Camp Isaac Jogues.

Camp Saint Peter takes place in Custer State Park in South Dakota. The camp will run from August 12-24, 2016.

Camp Saint Peter is a two-week outdoor summer camp, for boys ages 13 to 15 years old, at Custer State Park, located an hour south of Rapid City, South Dakota. The camp is staffed typically by Fr. Christopher Hathaway, FSSP, and seminarians from the Priestly Fraternity of St. Peter. Custer State Park is located in the rugged Black Hills mountain range and offers plenty of opportunities for fishing, swimming, hiking, wildlife observation and land orientation skills.  Sleeping arrangements will be in tents provided by the Fraternity. Bathroom facilities are available on-site, and shower facilities are located nearby. Additionally, a local high-school only a short distance away provides opportunities for various athletic games such as soccer, football, volleyball, and dodge-ball.

For details and the application, visit Camp Saint Peter.

Fraternity Summer Camp 2012: an Evening Campfire with the FSSP

March 1, 2016