All Hallows’ Eve at FSSP San Diego

by Mrs. Katie Zeunges, FSSP San Diego 

St. George and St. Juan Diego

On Wednesday, October 31st, 2018, parishioners of St. Anne Parish in San Diego, California, hosted their annual All Hallows’ Eve party in celebration of All Saints’ Day, attended by over 300 people.

After beginning the evening with a Rosary led by pastor Fr. John Lyons, children dressed as Saints were introduced to the crowd during the Saint Parade. Some of the Saints included St. Juan Diego wearing his tilma, St. Kateri with braided hair, St. Padre Pio with his stigmata, St. Catherine of Alexandria with her cracked wheel, St. Joan of Arc with her shield and sword and Servant of God Fr. Kapaun in his military garb. What a joy it was to see the children invoking these heavenly giants.

Future saints try their hands at a game

Following the Saint Parade, the Carnival Games began. For the Wheel of Saints, children spun the wheel which landed on a letter of the alphabet, then they had a few seconds to name a saint that began with that letter. At the Halo Toss booth, children attempted to throw glow-stick ring halos onto pegs. St. Peter’s Fishers of Men booth challenged children to use magnetic-tipped fishing poles to pull up duct tape fish while being careful not to reel up the boot. At St. Joseph’s Workshop, children searched through sawdust to find St. Joseph’s wooden hammers, saws and squares.

The Saint Scavenger Hunt

Team competition games began with the St. Lucy’s Eyeball Relay Race in which each team focused on carrying a ping-pong ball in a spoon across the yard and back again to trade off with another team member. The Saint Guessing Jar Game involved estimating the goodies inside each saint’s jar and the winners went home with treats such as St. Brendan the Navigator’s Gummy Fish and St. Marie-Azelie Martin’s Colorful Rose Garden Candies. The evening continued with the Saint Scavenger Hunt. Teens searched among the crowds to find the 16 adults holding the particular saint card that answered a question regarding that saint. After the hunt, several rounds of Saint Bingo ensued for young and old with some impromptu narratives about the saints while the names were called.

During the party, a Carved Pumpkin Contest brought many voters to select their favorite of the 18 saint-themed carvings. There was a tie for first place this year which went to Jesus on the Road to Calvary by Francis Kuss and Our Lady and St. Joseph Traveling to Bethlehem by Ana Larson. Second place was the soldier kneeling before the cross by Therese Cruz.

For snacking enjoyment, families brought an impressive array of saint-themed snacks to share. Edible wonders included St. Juan Diego’s Nachos, St. George’s Swords made of cucumbers and hummus with red pepper handles and St. Notburga’s Pigs in a Blanket.

Fr. Mahowald, Fr. Lyons and two future seminarians?

Throughout the evening, Fr. Lyons and assistant pastor Fr. Christopher Mahowald could be found holding adorable babies, participating in saintly games or chatting with guests. St. Anne Parish is so blessed to have these extraordinary priests (plus Fr. Dorsa who was away that evening). What a wonderful way to spend All Hallows’ Eve with fantastic priests and remarkable Catholic families!

November 30, 2018