Bishop Emeritus Timlin Confirms Six at Saint Michael’s in Scranton

Enjoying one of the first lovely days of this spring, the Most Reverend James Timlin, Bishop Emeritus of Scranton, visited Saint Michael’s parish in order to confirm six souls.

Bishop Timlin began with a firm exhortation to those receiving the Sacrament of the need to always remain close to Christ and His Church as they grow into adulthood. He then cautioned the confirmandi against the dangers of this world: secularism and the tendency to irreligion, the attacks upon the Faith, and the temptations that come with life in the modern world, exhorting them to prayer and the Sacraments, and above all a firm love and trust in the Lord for guidance and grace. The bishop also gave an explanation of the fitting use of oil as chrism, as a symbol of life, energy, and strength.

Assisted by Fr. Jose Zepeda, FSSP, pastor of Saint Michael’s, the bishop then began the prayers and blessings of Confirmation. As each child and sponsor approached, he sealed them with Sacred Chrism, blessed them, and gave the slap of admonition. This gentle warning tells each confirmandi that they are now strengthened in the Faith, in their Baptismal graces, and will be expected to endure affronts at the hands of the world.

After the concluding prayers and final blessing, Bishop Timlin then joined the parish in the hall for refreshments and congratulations of the newly Confirmed. Enjoy pictures of this lovely day.

May 7, 2014