Pastoral Confirmations in Denver and Atlanta

The Sacrament of Confirmation beseeches the Holy Ghost to perfect and seal the presence of His sevenfold graces in the soul of the confirmed. Sacramentally, the bishop is the sole ordinary minister of Confirmation, but he is free to delegate the faculty to pastors, should the need arise. This faculty was thus given to two of our pastors, Fr. James Jackson, FSSP, pastor of Our Lady of Mount Carmel in Denver, and Fr. Matthew McCarthy, FSSP, pastor of Saint Francis de Sales in Atlanta.

Confirmation imparts:

  • an increase of sanctifying grace which perfects the recipients Christianity
  • a redoubling of the sevenfold graces of the Holy Ghost first given at Baptism, especially the strength and courage required to confess without fear the Name of Jesus Christ
  • an indelible mark on the soul, so that it can only be received once

The Fraternity gives thanks to God for the newly confirmed. Images follow from Denver and Atlanta.

Fr. McCarthy, FSSP, Confirmands and Sponsors, in Atlanta
Fr. Matthew McCarthy, FSSP, Confirmands and Sponsors, at Saint Francis de Sales in Atlanta

March 20, 2013