Epiphany Water Blessing in Little Rock

Upon the Feast of the Epiphany, the Church supplies the faithful with a great gift in the form of a solemn blessing of holy water that is afterwards referred to as Epiphany Water.  This particular form of Holy Water is a powerful sacramental for souls and a great weapon in thwarting the power of Satan and the fallen angels.

The ceremonial for the blessing of Epiphany Water resembles in many ways a liturgical hour, and lasts for about 45 minutes. It begins with the Litany of the Saints. After this the bishop or designated priest performs a particular set of blessings and a particular prayer of exorcism. Soon thereafter the salt and water are exorcised, blessed, and then blended together. The rite of blessing finishes with the Te Deum, and can at certain times include the Magnificat in honor of Our Lady.

Fr. Michael Magiera, FSSP, chaplain of our apostolate in Little Rock, is shown here blessing a multitude of containers of Epiphany Water for parishioners.

January 28, 2014