Fr. Fryar Offers His First Mass at St. Victor in West Hollywood

Fr. James Fryar, FSSP, has been busy in Los Angeles with the work of establishing our newest apostolate.

Finding churches in which to offer the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass has been a priority in this process.  Father Fryar and the members of the apostolate are thankful that he can now offer Mass on Sundays at St. Victor’s Catholic Church in West Hollywood.  The first such occasion was on the First Sunday of Advent, and pictures of the event follow. Father was graciously assisted by two Fraternity deacons from our European seminary in Wigratzbad, Germany. This allowed the members of the apostolate to enjoy a Solemn High Mass.

Please see the Los Angeles FSSP apostolate page for Mass times, contact information, and the two locations where Mass is currently offered.

December 2, 2014