2015 DC Pilgrimage and Fr. James Buckley 2015 Retreats

Father Buckley 2015 DC Pilgrimage

DC Pilgrimage

The DC Pilgrimage will be held once again, with newly ordained Fr. David Franco, FSSP, being chaplain for the pilgrims, accompanied by seminarians from Our Lady of Guadalupe.

Shortly after his ordination on May 30th in Lincoln, Fr. Franco will travel to Maryland with Our Lady of Guadalupe seminarians in order to hold the 2015 DC Pilgrimage. The pilgrimage occurs from Thursday, June 4th through Saturday, June 6th. Once pilgrims reach the Basilica of the Immaculate Conception, the Te Deum will be sung at 3 pm, followed by a solemn high Mass at 5:30 pm.

You can view the full schedule, register, locations, and find lists of what to bring at www.FSSPDCPilgrimage.com.

2015 Retreat Schedule

Father James Buckley, FSSP, fresh off his Golden Jubilee for his 50th anniversary as a priest, will be holding men’s and women’s retreats again this summer.

Our Lady of Guadalupe Seminary
Denton, Nebraska
3 Day Men’s Retreat: June 11 – 14, 2015

Cost is $195.00 and includes private room and meals. Retreat begins with dinner on Thursday and ends with brunch on Sunday. Appropriate dress requested. For information email: business@fsspolgs.org.


St. Benedict Abbey, Still River, MA
3-Day Women’s Retreat: July 17 – 19, 2015
3-Day Men’s Retreat: July 24 – 26, 2015

Cost: $299.00 includes all materials, meals, private room and board. Arrival time is Thursday evening before the retreat begins. For information email: Janthonybuxton@yahoo.com.

May 12, 2015