Fr. Saguto Makes a Pastoral Visit to St. Michael’s

Sacrament of MatrimonyFr. Gerard Saguto, FSSP, the new District Superior for North America, has begun the work of introducing himself to the apostolates of the District. As part of this, he recently visited St. Michael the Archangel in Scranton to offer a Solemn High Mass for the Sunday, to preach on the challenges and responsibilities of fatherhood, and to meet the parishioners after Mass.

Assisted by the Rev. Mr. Edward Brodsky, FSSP, as deacon, and acolyte Mr. Matthew Vierno as subdeacon, the new District Superior gave a lively and challenging sermon on true manhood and the responsibilities of fathers in today’s world.

Father began by speaking of the assault on the family happening in today’s world, and how a father’s character is of prime importance. This assault has led to widespread problems in the modern world.  Although man has a natural desire to provide and protect, more often than not the modern notion of power for men is about commanding power, but this misses the point of true masculinity. Power is not license for men to indulge themselves, and it does not permit men to shirk their duties as a husband and father. True manliness is just the opposite; conforming your will and duties to your state in life.

He then showed that the answer is the epitome of manhood — our Lord Jesus Christ.  Christ shows us that true masculinity isn’t that a man exercises power, but how a man exercises power. Since Christ is a model of seeking the highest good and being always faithful to duty, a true Catholic exercises power and real manliness by emulating Christ. He does this by avoiding distractions and harmful behavior, and choosing what is important and good.

Fr. Saguto stressed how crucially important is not to just know about Christ, but to know Christ. Fathers have to show their love for Our Lord to their children. They do this by fulfilling and living the Christian life, frequenting the Sacraments, leading their children in prayer, and praying for their family.  He concluded by stressing that fathers must be an example to their sons so they see that a devout life and sacrifice for family is true manliness. Equally important is fathers being a good example to their daughters, so that those girls know what to expect in the men around them; be it their brothers, friends, or future husbands.

After the conclusion of Mass, Father enjoyed brunch and refreshments as he talked with parishioners in the parish hall. Enjoy pictures of the day.

September 7, 2015