FSSP 2017: By the Numbers

Did you see the statistics from the past year? Here are some highlights, and they are as encouraging as ever. As the Priestly Fraternity of St. Peter celebrates its 30th anniversary this year, we have been blessed with continuing growth, an abundance of vocations, and a young average age (38). Numbers include the FSSP worldwide.

For full statistics, including country breakdown and Confraternity numbers, click here.


Total Members: 437

Priests: 287
– 272 incardinated
– 8 incorporated ad annum
– 5 associated
– 2 postulants

Deacons: 21

Non-deacon seminarians (including postulants): 129

Average age of members: 38

Deceased members: 8

Number of members (as of January 1 each year): 


Dioceses served: 129

Mass centers: 239 locations

Personal parishes: 40

Number of houses: 125

Number of erected houses: 85

January 29, 2018