FSSP Lexington Completes Renovations


St. Francis de Sales in Georgetown, Kentucky, the second-oldest Catholic church in the state and the primary home of Regina Pacis Chaplaincy, our Lexington apostolate, has reached the end of its long restoration. Several months ago (see post here) we told you about the ongoing renovations taking place at the nearly 200-year-old building, and you may have followed the exciting developments as they were documented in detail on the Chaplaincy’s Facebook page. Now, many months later, we present to you the church of St. Francis de Sales, its renovations complete, its structural integrity secure, its newly-restored splendor a clear testament to the countless hours of planning and work that were dedicated to the project.


The beautiful high altar was not, in fact, slated to be restored, but a generous volunteer who grew up attending the church donated his time to bring it back to its former glory. At the time these pictures of the restored church were taken, the pews were awaiting a new coat of paint, and that was the final job involved in bringing this restoration about.

We can only imagine what a joy it must be for those involved in this tremendous project to see their great labors bear such fruit. May God reward all who dedicated their time and resources to restoring the strength and splendor of this beautiful house of God!

August 1, 2018