FSSP Pennsylvania Soccer Tournament

On the cool and overcast afternoon of May 8th, 2021, priests and parishioners from three parishes clashed in Allentown, Pennsylvania for the first-ever PA FSSP Cup.

The tournament began as an intra-parish rivalry between two teams at St. Stephen’s in Allentown, and just this year expanded to the nearby parishes of St. Michael’s of Scranton and Mater Dei of Harrisburg.

Fathers Pendergraft, Harkins, Alloy and Killackey all took to the field with their respective parish teams and in their full traditional cassocks.

“This soccer tournament was a great way to bring the parishioners of many nearby FSSP apostolates together for some competitive soccer and fellowship. ” said Fr. Killackey of Mater Dei.

“We are grateful to the priests and parishioners of St. Stephen’s for their work in organizing this event…and we look forward to snatching the trophy from them in future tournaments.”

The tournament concluded with the priests leading the players in the Salve Regina.


1st Place: Fr. Alloy’s Gunners (St. Stephen of Hungary, Allentown)


2nd Place: Fr. Killackey’s Mater Dei team (Mater Dei, Harrisburg)


3rd Place: Fr. Pendergraft’s United FC (St. Stephen of Hungary, Allentown)


Fr. Harkins’ The Archangel’s FC (St. Michael the Archangel, Scranton)

Photos by A. Veronica Frisch.

May 14, 2021