Happy Thanksgiving!

In the United States, today we celebrate Thanksgiving Day. Although a civic holiday and not a liturgical one, we still recall the prayerful roots of the day, which traces its origins back to days of thanksgiving observed by America’s first settlers. The first nationwide Thanksgiving proclamation was issued by George Washington in 1789, and the holiday was instituted for good by Abraham Lincoln in 1863.

Credit: State Archives of Florida/Florida Memory

Today is a fitting day to remember all the blessings of God and to render Him thanks as we gather with family and friends. Consider stopping by your local parish for morning Mass before heading to your Thanksgiving destinations; the very word “Eucharist” means “thanksgiving” and is the greatest offering of thanks that we can give to God for all His countless graces. Let us remember also those who are in need and do not have a family or a hot meal to come home to this day (we recommend donating to your parish’s food pantry or St. Vincent de Paul Society), and all those stationed or deployed far from home.

At the Fraternity, we give particular thanks to God for the incredible flourishing of the FSSP in North America, which has proven to be fertile ground indeed for our ministry with over 100 priests serving thousands of parishioners in 54 apostolates.

Laudábo nomen tuum assídue, et collaudábo illud in confessióne, et exaudíta est orátio mea. Et liberásti me de perditióne, et eripuísti me de témpore iníquo. Proptérea confitébor et laudem dicam tibi Dómine Deus noster.

I will praise Thy name continually, and will praise it with thanksgiving, and my prayer was heard. And Thou hast saved me from destruction, and hast delivered me from the evil time. Therefore I will give thanks and praise to Thee, O Lord our God.

– Ecclesiasticus 51:15-17, from the Epistle for today, the feast of St. Cecilia, Virgin and Martyr

November 22, 2018