Join FSSP Baltimore for Bishops Week

This week, November 10th through the 15th, marks FSSP Baltimore’s second annual “Bishops Week,” a week of prayer and reparation offered at the same time as the annual USCCB meeting in Baltimore. This year it began on Sunday, November 10th, with a Holy Hour, which, along with all ten public Masses offered Monday through Friday, is offered in reparation for the sins, neglects and offenses of all popes, bishops and priests, living and deceased. The conclusion will be a Solemn High Mass offered at the Shrine on Friday evening, the anniversary of the dedication of the metropolitan cathedral, which is America’s first cathedral and is located just a block away from St. Alphonsus. The anniversary is a special feast day for the diocese, and that Mass will be offered by a diocesan priest, assisted by other diocesan priests and seminarians.

Each year, you can enroll your intentions in the Week’s devotions, pledge your own reparations, or give alms for this intention. Even though the week has already started, you can still add your intentions by visiting the Shrine’s website.

FSSP Baltimore pastor Fr. Joel Kiefer began the custom of praying for the bishops during their USCCB meeting here last fall. He likes to recall that “the Church prayed without ceasing for Peter” (Acts 12:5). It is a project of the National Reparation Society, a group begun at the Shrine last year that spends a week each month (usually the first week of the month) offering Mass and devotions in reparation. A particular focus is assigned to each day: Monday is for blasphemy, Tuesday is for our nation and its leaders, Wednesday is for manhood and fatherhood, Thursday is for clergy, Friday is for sins against the Sacred Heart, Saturday is for sins against the Immaculate Heart and against life, and Sunday is for all the above. In November, the week of prayer is moved to coincide with the USCCB’s meeting. To learn more about the Reparation Society, click here. +

November 13, 2019