Major News Outlets Carry News of FSSP’s Growth

The internet is abuzz with the recent news of the extraordinary growth of the FSSP over the past year. Our article was published on October 17th, 2019, and since then the great news of the Fraternity’s growth has been carried by several major news outlets:

– 11/2 – The Washington Examiner published their own analysis, which includes a link to and information from our article;

– 11/3 – EWTN News retweeted the Examiner article to nearly 20,000 followers;

– 11/4 – The Catholic Herald included the Examiner article on its list of “Morning Catholic Must-Reads”;

– 11/4 – Patheos reposted portions of our article and the Examiner article in a summary report.

Please continue to share, repost and otherwise spread this wonderful news about the FSSP’s work! Thank you for your support of the FSSP and may God reward you! +

November 6, 2019