Make Your Voice Heard! New Latin Mass Survey

Here’s a chance to make your voice heard about the Latin Mass as well as your TLM parishes and communities.

The Christus Vincit Foundation is running a nationwide survey on the growth of the Latin Mass in the United States.

From their website:

“Christus Vincit exists to restore the primacy of God in the natural order. We seek, through prudent financial gifts, to assist traditional Catholic parishes strengthen belief in the supernatural through the restoration of sacred liturgy and beauty.”

“The Traditional Latin Mass (TLM) is experiencing a resurgence in the United States. Across the country, new parishes, communities, and orders are forming to meet the growing demand for traditional forms of worship. The Christus Vincit Foundation is interested in hearing how you are involved and contributing to the growth of your parish, community, and the spread of the Traditional Latin Mass in America.”

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August 20, 2020