New FSSP Youtube Channel Launching August 31st

We have some exciting news to share with our FSSP family…we are putting together a brand new Youtube channel!

As the world turns darker and Holy Mother Church faces increasing challenges, the Priestly Fraternity of St. Peter stands in medio ecclesiae–in the midst of the Church–keeping the flame of tradition alive and offering that flame to an ailing world, that all people everywhere might know the light of the risen Christ.

We are creating a space in the international media to serve all mankind just as we have always served our parishioners: to help people go to heaven.

In this new channel, we will be bringing a Thomistic and traditional perspective to the issues of the day. What is at the root of our society’s devaluation of children? How does Catholic teaching align with the ideas of leading traditional and conservative thinkers such as Sir Roger Scruton or Dr. Jordan Peterson? How can young men find direction and be lifted from hopelessness to energetic action? How can busy homeschooling moms turn their ordinary actions into prayer?

Join Fr. Simon Harkins, FSSP and Director of Communications Claudio Salvucci as we begin the conversation on August 31st, featuring Abby Johnson talking about her pro-life work and her recent discovery of the beauty of the sacred liturgy.

August 18, 2020