Priestly Fraternity of St. Peter, by the Numbers

Dear Friends of the Fraternity,
With God’s help, your prayers and support continue to assist our Priestly Fraternity to move forward as we form and educate good and holy priests to expand our mission apostolate to the faithful! Please see below not only the very positive current statistics, but also the great indicator for the future – the many good men in our seminaries, who seek to discern and answer God’s call to work in His vineyard.
Current membership of the FSSP, as of October 24, 2015:
  • Total: 421 (incl. 257 incardinated)
  • Priests: 262
    • 243 incardinated
    • 11 incorporated ad annum
    • 4 associated
    • 4 postulants
  • Deacons: 14
  • Non-deacons seminarians
    (including postulants): 145
  • Average age of members: 37 years
  • Deceased members: 8
Membership by Nationality:


All Members
All Members
Incardinated Members
Incardinated Members
FSSP Membership Trends:

FSSP Membership Trends

Number of Seminarians Trends

Confraternity of Saint Peter:
  • Total members: 4961
    • French speakers: 831
    • German speakers: 821
    • English speakers: 3309
Locations by Countries and Districts:
  • Dioceses Served: 121
  • Mass Locations: 219 locations
  • Personal Parishes: 34
Dioceses by Country
Dioceses by Country
Dioceses by District and Regions
Dioceses by District and Regions
Sunday Mass Centers by District and Region
Sunday Mass Centers by District and Region
  • Number of Houses: 113
  • Number of Erected Houses: 71

Number of Houses chiffres4EN

[Source: General House of the FSSP, Switzerland]

December 9, 2015