Readers Reply: What Do You Miss Most Since the Lockdown?

“What do you miss most about your FSSP parishes and priests since the lockdown?”

We asked this question a few weeks ago on our Facebook page and received many thoughtful and wonderful replies–too many to reprint here. Here is a sample of what FSSP parishioners replied from across the District. 

“I miss being around the holiness of our FSSP parish priests. I know this sounds crazy, but there’s a beautiful supernatural presence around priests. There’s a holy and loving, yet terrifying majesty (like the presence of Christ) that surrounds the priests.” – Eve Barbieri

“The Eucharist, high mass, Adoration, choir, incense, processions, our priests, our community. Everything.” – Anastacia Schiele

“Missing all of it, the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass, the inspirational homilies, Confession, receiving the Body of Christ, the bells and smells, the sacred music, the rosary before mass, the interior joy in my heart knowing I was in heaven on earth, sensing the presence of Angels and saints. Oh, how does one pick from such wonders. I can’t.” – Gerianne Storelli

“I missed being physically present and the ability to physically receive Our Lord, but I am eternally grateful for the FSSP priests continuing to say the Mass daily and knowing that, even if I can’t watch online, the Mass is still prayed with reverence and devotion. I know I’m not needed for this magnificent prayer to ascend to God for all of us. I missed the Sacraments and the music and seeing my fellow Catholics after Mass. It’s returning slowly here, but who knows what will happen next? I will never take it for granted again.” – Ellen Maschino Wrinn

“I miss the profound reverence of the priests in every deliberate move they make during the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass, that brings me to the realization that Jesus IS truly present on that altar. When one can come to that realization that Jesus is truly there, nothing else matters. It’s like you can be there, but not there; in the world but not in it. I long for public Masses to resume again. It’s like having a taste of Heaven, then having to go through withdrawals when it’s been taken away.” – Janet Jordan

“Mass. Our parish community. Our wonderful FSSP priests at St Mary’s. Their teachings and the many things going on in our parish. Essentially everything. At the same time, I am very thankful for all that our FSSP priests have done for us every day during lockdown. I’ve learned so much from their catechism classes and Bible studies. It has been such a huge gift and blessing.” – Jennifer Elizabeth

“Besides the Mass, I miss the more routine opportunity to go to confession on Sundays before Mass. I miss the magnificent sermons, although we can watch them online, the surrounding distractions will always put a bit of a damper on the overall impact of the sermons. I also miss our high Masses on special feast days such as St. Joseph in March and other lovely festivities outside of Sunday during the week. I greatly missed the Easter Vigil which I ardently enjoy.” – Martin Palihnich

“Community. Shared sense of vision. Besides the exquisite Holy Sacrifice of the Mass, I miss being surrounded by the faithful and their witness. I also miss the quiet and inspiring catechism of traditional church artwork in stained glass.” –Allison Girone

“What I miss most is being surrounded by the body of Christ celebrating together with the Holy Eucharist, the source and summit of our life. Seeing our priests in Persona Christi – the holy and sacred witness – offers a source of peace, comfort and strength in a world gone mad.” – Cindy Lou Teller

“The beauty, awe and reverence of the Latin Mass and the great dignity and faithfulness of the FSSP who offer it.” – Joann Veara Castricum

“Receiving our Lord. The beautiful and reverent liturgy. Confession always available. The faithful families and priests.” – Chelsea Elyse

“The whole parish standing to sing the Credo. Little people crying out in the back of the church. Candles, incense. The sensibility that we get to step into a great moment in history and join it.” – Silvia Dipippo Aldredge

“I miss my spiritual director, but I got one chance to see him at confession. He responds to the confession hotline and is always ready to step out of the rectory for a confession in the parking lot. Also love seeing him on YouTube now.” – Joe Johnson

Thank you to all who participated! To share your thoughts with fellow FSSP parishioners across North America and join in the discussion of our Missive articles, like and follow our Facebook page.

June 1, 2020