Regina Pacis Featured in Lexington Diocese

Regina Pacis - Fr. Mark Fischer FSSP Offers Mass

Regina Pacis Chaplaincy is our apostolate in the Diocese of Lexington, and they were fortunate to be highlighted in the most recent issue of Cross Roads, the diocesan newspaper.

The article provided Fr. Mark Fisher, FSSP, a opportunity to extol the virtues of the Traditional Latin Mass, including grand architecture, Gregorian Chant and the solemnity and reverence of the ancient Roman Rite. Reaching out to a wider diocesan audience comes at a good time for our Lexington apostolate, which now has the fortune of offering Mass at two different parishes – St. Peter’s Church in Lexington and St. Francis de Sales in Georgetown.

Parishioner enjoy refreshments at St. Francis de Sales after MassSt. Francis is the second oldest Catholic church west of the Allegheny mountains, and offers the faithful an opportunity for Catholic families to enjoy the Sacraments as they have been offered throughout the history of its existence.

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March 3, 2015