Roráte Cœli, Désuper

On Saturday, December 15th, apostolates across the District celebrated the beautiful Rorate Mass, a traditional Advent devotion in honor of Our Lady. It takes its name from the first words of the Introit and is offered by candlelight in the darkness of the early morning. As the dawn breaks, the church gradually fills with light, the candles and the progressively brighter sunlight symbolizing the Light Who will soon fill the dark world with His radiance.

Our Lady of Guadalupe Seminary

Denton, Nebraska


FSSP Baltimore

National Shrine of St. Alphonsus Liguori
Photos by Amy Proctor


FSSP Dallas

Mater Dei Parish


FSSP Houston

Regina Caeli Parish


FSSP Minneapolis

All Saints Church
Photos by Lucas Brown


FSSP Tacoma

St. Joseph Parish


FSSP Dayton

Holy Family Parish


FSSP Maple Hill

St. John Vianney Chapel


FSSP Calgary

St. Anthony Church


FSSP South Bend

St. Stanislaus Parish


FSSP Conshohocken

St. Mary Church
This is actually the Mass of the Immaculate Conception on December 8th. St. Mary’s chose to celebrate this Mass in the style of a Rorate Mass.
Photos by Allison Girone

December 22, 2018