Saint Michael’s in Scranton Celebrates All Hallow’s Eve

In the spirit of the season, the priests and parishioners of Saint Michael’s, our apostolate in Scranton, began the commemoration of the Feast of All Saints on “All Hallow’s Eve” with a children’s All Saints party.  The evening began with parents and children reciting the Litany of the Saints in the church, then activities began in the parish hall with games, candy and the Saints contest.

For the contest the youth of the parish and the region, from toddlers to teenagers, dressed as Saints both familiar and unfamiliar. One by one, they came forward and gave a description of their Saint, upon which the attendees tried to guess which Saint was being portrayed.  Fr. Jose Zepeda, FSSP, pastor of St. Michael’s, had a difficult time deciding who the winners were in each age group and category, which included best costume, best performance and interestingly, the most obscure Saint.

A great time was had by all to begin the festivities of All Saints and the month of All Souls. Enjoy pictures.

November 4, 2013