St. Alphonsus Shrine to Receive 100% of Its Archbishop’s Appeal Donations

In an act illustrating both his generosity and his commitment to the Shrine of St. Alphonsus, home of FSSP Baltimore, Archbishop William Lori has granted that every dollar which St. Alphonsus donates to this year’s Archbishop’s Appeal will go straight back to the Shrine, tax-free! Usually the parish receives a percentage of the amount that it donates to the Appeal, then a larger percentage after it reaches its goal. But this year every dollar donated by Shrine supporters will go to the Shrine.

FSSP Baltimore is eager to meet their goal and demonstrate their appreciation of and their commitment to the Shrine, and so they are looking for a generous response from Shrine supporters to the Archbishop’s kind gesture. If you have had the privilege of visiting the beautiful Shrine of St. Alphonsus, or are simply a supporter of the FSSP who would like to help the Shrine, please visit the donation section of the Shrine’s website here. The Shrine is in need of some significant repair work, so your donations are much needed to restore the splendor of this beautiful house of God.

May God reward you for your generosity!

March 12, 2018