Video: Rogation Day Procession and Mass

Rogation Days are a very old and wonderfully “earthy” tradition in the Roman Rite–uniting both the supernatural world (prayer and the intercession of the saints) and the natural world (the land and the planting of crops).

The coronavirus shutdown has impeded the celebration of the Rogation Days in many places, but St. Mary’s on Broadway, our FSSP apostolate in Providence, not only carried out the traditional Rogation Day ceremonies but also recorded them for the benefit of the faithful everywhere.

As explained on the parish’s Youtube channel:

On the Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday before the Ascension, the Lesser Litanies can be celebrated. On these days, there can be a petitionary procession, in which fields are blessed, which is then followed by a violet petitionary Mass (the Rogation Mass, from the Latin “Rogare” which means “to ask, to ask for”).

Originally instituted in France (Vienne) for deliverance from calamities, the practice eventually became widespread. Their location on the Church’s calendar expresses how the joys of Easter are mingled with the sadness that these are the last days of Our Lord’s (liturgical) physical, risen presence among us.

Here are two of the videos just released earlier today, featuring a Rogation Day Procession, with the Litany of the Saints:

and the Rogation Mass, in violet vestments:

Even in the midst of quarantines and shutdowns, sacred tradition never ceases to glorify God!

May 20, 2020