Altar Server Corp Prepares for Holy Week in Los Angeles

Fr. James Fryar, FSSP, chaplain of our new apostolate in Los Angeles, moves forward in the building up of everything necessary to grow. He now offers the Traditional Latin Mass in two churches of the diocese (locations and times), and is looking forward to offering Holy Week at St. John Chrysostom in Inglewood.

Comprehensive training is required for altar servers to assist even at Low Mass, and thus the demands of the Solemn High Mass require a much more extensive and well-trained altar server corps.  The Holy Week liturgies bring even more complexity, and so the need for training and practice increase all the more.  To that end, Fr. Fryar has now recruited and trained the corps that help to support, in a vital way, our newest apostolate.  What follows are pictures of training at San Felipe Chapel.

For those in the Los Angeles metropolitan area, read the schedule for Holy Week 2015.

February 24, 2015