Bishop Timlin Confers the Subdiaconate on Five Seminarians

His Excellency, Bishop James Timlin, Bishop Emeritus of the Diocese of Scranton, traveled to Our Lady of Guadalupe Seminary on Saturday, February 9, 2013, to confer the Major Order of Subdiaconate upon five seminarians.

We congratulate the five men raised to the Subdiaconate, and express our esteem and gratitude to His Excellency for his many years of guidance and conferral of Sacraments for the clergy and laity of the Fraternity.

Thanks are also in order for all of the family and friends that traveled to the seminary for this blessed event. Please, in your kindness, commend these five men to your prayers, that they may continue on the path of the Priesthood of Christ. We also ask that you continue to keep all the priests, deacons, subdeacons and seminarians of the FSSP in your prayers.

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Bishop Timlin Offers Initial Prayers

Seminarians Prepare for Ordination

The Litany of the Saints

The Litany of the Saints

Prayer Conferring the Right to Touch the Sacred Vessels

Seminarians Prepare for Ordination

Subdeacon Receives His Dalmatic

Subdeacons Receive Their Candles

Bishop Timlin Offers the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass

Bishop Timlin Imparts His Apostolic Blessing

Bishop Timlin and Ordinands

February 15, 2013