Chant Camp for Children, in San Diego

Gregorian chant, far from being archaic, unapproachable, and difficult, sees new life in the youth of the Church, because that which is unchanged, and universal in its beauty, is always new.

For the Catholic who wishes to embrace their patrimony, and grow to a deeper union with the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass, learning Gregorian chant becomes a way to offer beauty and truth to Him Who is both Truth and Beauty.

At St. Anne’s parish in San Diego, the director of music came to realize that not only could children learn chant, but they loved it, absorbed it quickly, and have grown deeper in their affection for Christ through the chant of the Mass.

Produced by parishioners of St. Anne’s, please enjoy this overview of the annual Gregorian Chant Camp. As details of the 2014 camp become available, they will be added here. Many thanks to Kristen Vonberg and Daniel DeSilva for their work highlighting the camp.

June 3, 2014