Community of Saint Peter in Tulsa Receives a New Home

FSSP Tulsa Apostolate Finds a New HomeOur Tulsa apostolate, the parish of Saint Peter, recently celebrated the finding of a new, permanent home.  Fr. William Define, FSSP, has now blessed the newly purchased church, Mass and the sacramental life of Saint Peter’s has commenced, and plans are being made to rightfully transform the new building into a fitting habitation for Our Lord.

Father Define, the parishioners, and the North American District extend our heartfelt thanks to His Excellency, Bishop Edward James Slattery, and his Diocesan Finance Board for the help and guidance in procuring Saint Peter’s new parish home. To say that their support and guidance was critical is to understate their importance. The members of the parish finance board had to learn an wide array of details and information very quickly, and this was helped along by His Excellency and the finance board. As one member of the parish board noted, they had to “drink from the proverbial fire hose” to learn what the diocese required.

Besides the conversion of the church from its current state as a former Protestant building, plans are being formulated for the construction of a parish rectory.  Father Define currently resides in an RV, which he is glad to have, since it means the parish has a new, permanent home. Enjoy pictures from their new home.

May 24, 2013