Diaconate Ordinations Today!

Today at 10am Central Time, His Excellency the Most Reverend Joseph Perry, Auxiliary Bishop of Chicago, will ordain nine men to the diaconate at Our Lady of Guadalupe Seminary. It is at this point that the candidates enter into Major Orders and the seven from the FSSP become permanent members of the Fraternity. Please pray for them as they take this important step!

One of the most notable elements of the diaconate ordination ceremony is the investiture of the candidates in the stole and the dalmatic. Perhaps you have wondered about the meaning of each item that the deacon wears. Each piece is rich with history and symbolism and carries with it particular prayers that the bishop says at the investiture of each deacon, which you can read below. The handy illustration above shows which item is which and the prayers that the deacon says each time he vests himself.


Origin: An accessory to men’s dress which appeared in Republican Rome in the 3rd century B.C.

Investiture Prayer (subdiaconate): Receive the Amice, by which the watch over one’s voice is signified. In the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Ghost.



Origin: Roman tunic (and other Greek and Roman clothing)

The candidate enters wearing the alb (from the Latin “albus”, meaning “white”), a longer form of the surplice.



Origin: Mappa/Mappula – plain linen napkin used by Greeks and Romans at meals to wipe mouth and hands.

Investiture Prayer (subdiaconate): Receive the Maniple, by which the fruits of the good works are signified. In the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Ghost.



Origin: Sudarium/Orarium/Stola – Roman handkerchief for wiping face and nose (1st century B.C.)

Investiture Prayer: Receive this shimmering stole from the hand of God, fulfill thy ministry; for God is powerful to increase His grace in thee. Who liveth and reigneth world without end.



Origin: From Dalmatia (introduced into Roman society ~A.D. 200)

Investiture Prayer: May the Lord clothe thee with the garment of salvation and the vestment of joy, and may He encompass thee always with the Dalmatic of justice. In the Name of the Lord.

Our thanks to Mr. William Rock, FSSP, who will be ordained a deacon today, for the information on the deacon’s vestments and the illustration.

March 30, 2019